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View of the old town port of Portocolom with mountain landscape in the background

Porto Colom the largest natural harbor of Mallorca

Portocolom is based around an attractive natural harbour, the source of the village's early wealth. The area boomed in the 19 th century when the harbour was used to export wine from nearby Felanitx to France. However, a virulent vine disease put a stop to local viticulture, and the village gradually returned to fishing.

Fishing boats still bob up and down in the harbour at Porto Colom, and at the northern end of the quay the colourful fishermen's cottages provide a charming counterbalance to the hotels.

The main beach, Cala Marcal, is 500 metres from Porto Colom, backed by apartment blocks and hotels, with the hills of the Serres de Llevant further behind in the distance. It is a blue-flag rated piece of sand which gets cleaned every night and has a gently sloping entry to the water, making it popular with families. It's worth buying a mask and snorkel to check out the fish. Some people staying here never make it to the actual port, which is a pity, since the port area has a more genuinely Majorcan feel. Locals wanting to sunbathe often prefer to use the less crowded pair of beaches in Portocolom itself. Like the "petit arenal" on the side where the lighthouse is with nice beach-bars and a great view over the harbout and the town.

Althought in the night time Portocolom has a big offer of varios restaurants and some bars lining the harbour. In contrast to many other places Portocolom is also alive in the winter time. Most of the mentioned restaurants are open and working as well during the christmas and New Year season.

Public transport in the east of Majorca is not impressive. There are regular buses to Felanitx, Palma and other places but if you want to go much further abroad than that, you would be better off hiring a car, which you can do in Portocolom.